The girl in transit

So I wanted to try love again and I met this girl in transit. Mind you, this is not how I had imagined finding love in this city but they say love just happens at a whiff.

Well, I made that up…

Susanna, that’s what she called herself. She spoke with her nostrils but the sound of her voice was music to my ears. I just wanted her to keep talking as the road moved along to bring us together.

But I am not very good at, asking for a lady’s digit, so this is what I always do.

“Do you make calls with your phone?”

BAD MOVE. That should be the look on her face but she smiled and gave me her number. That was fate enough. This was my sign that somehow, somewhere I could still get lucky at her love.

The evening of that day I called her and expected her mesmeric voice to tickle my eardrums but NO. A raucous male’s voice ran into my eardrums almost rendering me deaf for a split second.

“Who’s this?”

I just hung up…

“Could it be her husband or… her father?”