Why I might not vote again.

Somethings started well this year but not all had ended well — this would apply to the 2019 Nigerian presidential election; in which somehow the people’s will has been truncated.

Well, these are just the clauses of the opposition party (PDP) — they saw no victory so there is no need to accept defeat. But the numbers are vivid though; over 2 million margin, Sai Baba surely has the people’s at his beck and call to have incurred such a huge amount of votes. Though, definitely not for some whose vibe about patriotism have seen an early death.

I could count myself as one of them. I slept on my couch last night, stacks of unattended files on my table. They said we should buckle our belt tight because this NEXT LEVEL would not be easy. It is laudable but it is the hard truth, the last four year could attest to this.

This is why some of us before now placed so much trust in the electoral body (INEC) to do the right thing but that trust had been shattered and we are left to wonder whether a free and fair election is ever achievable in Nigeria.

Even the presence of the international (UN) observers could not salvage the status quo of the Nigerian election problem.

Nigerians still messed up. Votes were bought. Ballot boxes were snatched and burnt. The election was heavily rigged and Sunny Okosun’s ‘Which way Nigeria…” was just the question to ask.

So this morning, I could not wake because of my back aches. What am I even waking for? Oh! The gubernatorial election is ongoing today but I don’t have fate in INEC anymore. I should just go back to sleep and wait for the results to fill our timelines again.

But then I peered through the curtains from my window and world was moving without me. It was the same Nigerian election problem, young guys were busy selling their votes and I just shook my head in disappointment and fell back on my couch.

They have bought the youth and they have sold our future… Our votes don’t seem to still count.

Why should I still vote?