Bathed in egusi soup

There were stacks of files on my desk when I walked in. I had just gone to grab lunch some minutes ago and had not expected to return to loads of shits-works.

It had Nero written all over it, that girl was getting on my last nerves. I mean when did she become the MD?

But I wasn’t about to sacrifice this sexy looking egusi soup and a sizzling hot eba for some work, so I pushed the files aside and comfortably placed my lunch on my desk and the aroma filled the room like a new air.

“I might just date Ngozi because of this her Mama food oh…”

“Awak, what are you doing?”

I looked around, a cat was meowing somewhere. It could be under my desk, so I lowered to check but there was no cat. Maybe it was this big fat cat right in front of me.

“Which kind question be that?”

“Another offense…”

No, this girl must have left her manners at home. What? This was no girl, this was an old fat mouse with a terrible makeup on. Calling her a cat once was just giving her some reps.

“Please, Nero allow me to eat my food in peace.”

I was polite enough. This was unlike me, someone should tell this girl how many people I beat up at my previous workplace.

“Awak, when will you stop behaving like a village boy?”

I pretended not to hear this, just to avoid sending someone to her early grave. I just sat back on my chair and deep my hand into this inviting egusi soup.

“You are now deaf abi?”

Then everyone had gathered around my desk because her voice was the loudest in the room. ”

“What bad did I do to this girl, was it because she was servicing the MD? No wahala!”

“Please anyone that understand Efik, should tell this fool that eating during work hours is prohibited.”

Okay, she had damaged my last nerves, so I stood with my plate of sweet egusi and spewed it all over her face and she became even more pretty.

Hah! Hah! But my egusi soup pain me sha!

Sha no wahala, even though by tomorrow I would have no job, I would have taught this girl some manners.