9AM still in traffic

The sun is hot and so is the sole of my feet. The sweat on my shirt can fill a bucket and this is not an exaggeration. I look like a heavy rain washed me off some canals but it hasn’t rained for a million years and I am mad worried that my village people have taken on another degree to further frustrate me in this city. 9 AM looked like 2 in a fiery afternoon and I am nearly on the verge of jumping out of this danfo to save me from committing suicide. Yea, you just read that.

So they said nothing comes easy, tell that to a graduate of parasitology. That’s really a nice thing to say (been sarcastic Yo) . For those who don’t know, parasitology is an actual university degree awarding course – the study of parasitic organisms like this lady with her long eye lashes blinking like the world depends on those (bat eyes). LOL!

I am running late but it is nothing new living in this town where the road has a mind on his own or is that there are just too many people living in one hole? Yes, it feels like a hole here. But my mind is made, I have to make it in this town.

For a year I have been gunning for the top jobs. The ones with white collars, fancy office space and a lot of fine fine gals but where did that got me?

So this job came and I am not about to miss it for the world. But the question is what would a parasitologist market? I will save that for my future job interviewer.