The story of Marshall Bernard

Marshall Bernard has inspired this post. Heart breaks are the hardest to heal. But first how do you know someone is truly into you to want to spend the rest of their lives with you? Tough question right?

Maybe it is just for me. I have never been in that space to desire a kind of love that is to last till death do us part. Maybe one time but I was drunk then.

Let me presume you don’t know the story yet, Marshall Bernard, a Nigerian man (the name is confusing though…) was dumped few days to his big wedding day via a text message.

His bride bailed on him. I am suspecting a fowl play, juju to be precise. His village people turned him to a cow in the eyes of his bride. Lol, that was a joke though.

On a more serious note I think she bailed because he had a really bad breath. Imagine kissing him and wanting to vomit. Yuck! She couldn’t just go through that snag.


Or maybe he is weak in his local government area, you know what I mean. He couldn’t go on another round to send her to heaven. Yea, that could be a valid reason.

Or there’s another man in the picture. The one her heart is beating a million drums for.

If not what else can make her bail?

Marshall Bernard is a successful business man. He owns many businesses and has a benz. Would you rather marry #thatnaijabrokeguy?

The full story is still loading…

And here’s my final take on the reason why she bailed…Mr. Marshall is not just her MR. RIGHT. We know our ladies have their lists full with all what their Mr. Right should be and look like… Maybe he is not a prince charming. Just saying…

But Marshall Bernard is not giving up. He said he would rather marry himself as he has no plans in calling off the wedding.

Bachelorette party is going to be lit he posted on his account (about to be hitched.)

I am happy for him. The many ways people handle grief. But I don’t think he’s grieving though.