Regina Daniels is 21, the cat is out of the bag…

It is no more a hearsay that fast rising Nigerian actress — Regina Daniels has been hitched in nuptial ties with her billionaire boyfriend Ned Nwoko as photos and videos from an event they attended in Delta State has inundated the internet.

The latest couple paraded their love without constraint and has gotten some of us here jealous of their romantic conquest. Coke and fanta is no bad combination after all.

While some Nigerians are calling for a social media execution of this adorable couple, I am not doing the same because let’s be frank, at the end of the day, it is her life. She has made her choice. She chose private jets and trips to Dubai over some measly paid actor. Come on let’s get over this. She’s definitely having the best time of her life…let’s be happy for her.

Hence, I am not apportioning any blame to her mother, whom I am very certain gave her full consent and support to the union. Neither am I blaming some of the actresses in the industry who have paved the ways for old men with fat pockets to win their ways into the heart of this beautiful young girls. Nobody gets any blame except the press. Yes the press.

Since this whole marriage rigmarole the press has been reporting this news like Regina is one teenage girl forced into a transactional marriage. Headlines have carried her as the seventeen years old eyes-popping-for-money-slut-girl – eighteen years old loose-lack-of-home-training-cheap-whore – too-young-to-be-a-sixth-wife-bleached-moron, the list is endless but I call her a woman who knows what she wants.

A little digging into her life, her Wikipedia page seems to be debunking all the teenage angle of the story. It is spelt out in block letters – Regina is a full blown 21 years old — born in October 1997.

So can the press just stop reporting this story like this is some child abuse sob story. Please. Regina is an adult for Christ’s sake even though her brains must have sank in her head.