Some times winning a bet pool can be a curse…

Last Saturday, Barca trashed Liverpool 3 to 0 and I was thirty thousand naira richer than I was on Friday night — some kind of consolation I thought. But there is this thing about money; it has a mind of its own, it would spend itself even if you don’t want to.

That was how I was on my own oh, when it started spending itself.

“Bros find me something nah…my drink dey for your head o my guy.”

“But guys it is just thirty k oh!… so how eh go be like when I hammer like real time hammer like Efe kind of hammer…that means I no go fit stay for my house nah,” I thought.

But I needed to use my number 6 because Daddy did not raise a dullard…

We were all seated at the exterior of a bar, around a table filled with different kinds of drinks. Tochi, Emeka and Sylvanus had dragged me here and they were having the most fun. It wasn’t long before others joined because Sylvanus could not just bottle his childishness, for he kept yelping:

“who dem be…this nah my guy, he don hammer.”

“Shoo guy, how much I hammer sef,” I tried to shut him up but he wouldn’t budge. His eyes were bloodily red and he was already staggering. Guy nah only two bottles you don take oh.”

“Why you no dey drink sef guy?” Tochi asked me, gulping the last drop from his bottle.

“No worry enjoy,” I said and stood up and Emeka pulled me down that instant: “where you dey go?”

“I wan piss.”

“Hol am o,” I really cannot tell who said that because I wasn’t there for them to hold me.

I was a hundred meters away from them, running for my dear life.

Did I do something wrong? I know a guy must settle his guys but not till the money finish nah…

I am sorry my guys but it is not fair the way some guys task their paddy men.

Abeg on top thirty k…