I sold G-strings for a living

Waiting is the hardest part. Two weeks without your phone blaring with good news and wondering maybe they were right; some towns are not for everyone. I mean what have I not done to make it in this town?

When I first arrived here, people were generous with their advice…start small to get big. It would be beneficial, if I hid to this, so I did. Started as a sales person for a company that sold female undies. The job was humiliating but I didn’t care…my pocket was getting heavy with the cash, so kein problem.

At least I could call home and assure them that I was fine. Coming here, wasn’t really a bad decision after all not until pedestrian bridge became my new office and I was haggling with aba boys to sell female undies… Is there anything more humiliating?

But think about the money, something kept reminding me… So I would wake up every morning, well dressed in starched coat and polished shoes with my briefcase, filled with G-strings and off the road leading to the busiest part of the town to sell off my merchandise.

It went on for months and I was already known in the streets by women who looked further to the latest fashion in undies.

It would surprise you to know how much trend there is in the panties industry.

There is undies for every woman’s fantasy. Some like it body-tight and others loosely fitted, some even like it to stick underneath and there are the big ladies and their yearnings for the extra large G-strings.

I could not complain, some do even more humiliating jobs. Imagine someone is to extract faeces out of a leaking soakaway pit, Yuck! I retched a thousand times at the sight of this.

Nothing can really go wrong been a road side sales person of female undies, not until a G-wagon pulls up to buy roasted corn and my ex. girlfriend alights from it.